Our Vision and Learning

Our Learning

Our recent move to a new site and purpose built Learning Hubs has enhanced our Teaching and Learning Programmes.
Our Learning Hubs include purpose-built breakout spaces, maker spaces and green outdoor spaces where students can work by themselves, in pairs, small groups or as a whole Hub. Our Hubs represent the parts of the rafts that travelled the local waterways to the local pa.

Raupō, Muka, Harakeke, Pītau and Pūhara

Each learning hub has a spread of two year groups. We have a designated nest area for all New Entrants to begin their educational journey at Spreydon School. There are 2-3 teachers in each Learning Hub. Each student within the hub has their own Homeroom teacher that they spend most of their learning time and day with. This teacher is responsible for developing a strong relationship with each learner and their whānau, reporting to parents on the progress, achievement, and well-being of the tamariki in their Homeroom. By valuing the relationship between Homeroom teachers, students and whanau, the aspirations and needs of all learners and their whanau are shared and encouraged.

Our School Vision

Te kura o Mōkihi Spreydon School’s vision is currently under review as we are now established in our new space at 50 Hoon Hay Road.

Our Current Vision for our School:

Te kura o Mōkihi Spreydon School – Teaching the future Today.

We want our students to strive to be the best they can by by Valuing the Spreydon Heart.

Our Spreydon Values are made up of Four Heart Values:

Relationships – To make the best connections with people and places

Success – To be the best we can be

Learning – To learn and Let others Learn

Responsibility – To be at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.

Vision, Spreydon School


Vision, Spreydon School