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Home, Spreydon School

Welcome to Te Kura o Mōkihi Spreydon School.

Kia ora, Talofa Lava, Afio mai, Huānyíng, Malo e lelei, Ni sa bula

We are small but proud city school that has been part of our community for over 140 years. We may be small but our hearts are strong. Our Vision is to be at the heart of our community, representing the aspirations and values of our whanāu and wider community.

Our School is dedicated to supporting every child to be the best they can be.

Our Space

Our recent move to a new site and purpose built Learning Hubs has enhanced our Teaching and Learning Programmes.
Our Learning Hubs include purpose-built breakout spaces, maker spaces and green outdoor spaces where students can work by themselves, in pairs, small groups or as a whole Hub. Our Hubs represent the parts of the rafts that travelled the local waterways to the local pa.

Raupō, Muka, Harakeke, Pītau and Pūhara


Home, Spreydon School
Home, Spreydon School

Enrolment Information

Spreydon School is a unique kura, which has provided the families of South West of Christchurch and the surrounding areas with quality co-educational education for over 140 years.

Latest Notifications

Market Day Tickets

Thu Nov 25 04:16pm

Tomorrow is the last day for buying Market Day tickets. If you haven’t bought your tickets already, bring some money in the morning to make sure you don’t miss out.

Thank you to all those who have already bought tickets.

DRILL – Spreydon School is no longer in lockdown. Our drill has gone very well.

Thu Nov 25 11:28am

Drill – Lockdown Spreydon School

Thu Nov 25 11:08am

Spreydon School is conducting a lockdown exercise. This is how you will be notified, should a lockdown occur at the school. Please refrain from contacting any staff at the school, as this could lead to distraction of their primary focus, which is caring for our students. All further updates will be provided on the school website www.spreydon.school.nz.

Spreydon School is celebrating our kindness tokens on Friday 26th November. Wear your casual clothes, bring your wheels and let’s celebrate.

Wed Nov 24 02:36pm

Lockdown Drill training tomorrow for Spreydon School. Please be advised that we will be sending out communication during our training.

Wed Nov 24 12:58pm

Dear Spreydon Whānau,

 Spreydon School continues to engage the services of an independent company, Harrison Tew , who specialises in emergency management planning for schools.  The procedures developed by Harrison Tew allow us to respond safely and quickly to a range of circumstances.  

 As a component of the implementation of the emergency procedures into our school, specialised training is being conducted each year with senior leadership and our staff. The students will also receive training directed at their respective age groups from Harrison Tew ® .

The yearly training consists of a low key but detailed approach to potential threats and has been successfully implemented in hundreds of schools throughout New Zealand.

After the training, we will be conducting a lockdown exercise under the guidance and support of Harrison Tew ® .

The exercise will be as real-life as possible with the school being rung with a situation that would require us to move into a lockdown, which will mean that parents/families will receive notification by text message. The information passed on will emphasise that this is an exercise/practice and will explain that all updated information will then be posted on the school website.

The children will be spoken to about a range of reasons for a lockdown but more age appropriate example such as a swarm of bees or a stray animal coming onto site that is scared and is running around will be used.


In a genuine incident, should you hear of a lockdown or evacuation at the school, we please ask that you do not attend the school or phone, as we will not be able to respond.  Your presence at, or contact with, the school may make it more difficult for us to manage the situation and could potentially place your children and, in fact, yourselves at risk.

We thank you for your support

Don’t forget Top Team is tomorrow. Come dressed in your house colours and bring an extra change of clothes.

Tue Nov 23 03:34pm

Congratulations Spreydon School on reaching the token target. The Hoon Hay Skate Park was the clear winner.

Tue Nov 23 11:40am

This Friday the 26th November we are doing a special trip to the Hoon Hay SkatePark to celebrate working together to fill the Kindness containers.

Children can come dressed in their casual clothes on Friday and bring along their wheels.

Helmets must be worn for wheels as we will have so many children wanting to bike, skateboard, skate and scooter.  Please bring a lock to keep your wheels safe. No helmet, no wheels.

Under Covid 19 Alert Level 2 conditions we are not able to take the whole school at the same time. But we have been able to work within the guidelines to take smaller groups and without parent helpers.

The Pītau and Pūhara Hub will set up their own special wheel space in the School Carpark and court area to use their wheels.

Harakeke and Raupō will go down to the skatepark on Mather’s Road during Friday the 26th November.

School CLOSED tomorrow – Don’t forget Spreydon School is closed for a Teachers Only Day tomorrow and Friday for Canterbury Anniversary Day.

Wed Nov 10 02:23pm

School CLOSED tomorrow – Don’t forget Spreydon School is closed for a Teachers Only Day tomorrow and Friday the 12th of November for Canterbury Anniversary Day.

See you all on Monday.


Fri Oct 29 11:36am

We are writing to inform you we have had a School parent inform us that they have been deemed a close contact of the confirmed Covid-19 cases here in Christchurch.

We have been in communication with Healthline and Ministry of Education regarding the steps we should take given these circumstances. The family are not attending school since the identification on Wednesday evening and are following Ministry of Health guidelines.

The whole school is considered a bubble. If you or your whānau show any signs of Covid-19 symptoms, then you should get tested. In the meantime, we will continue to monitor the situation and will communicate with you if the circumstances change. We will continue to operate our Level 2 protocols and ask our whānau to ensure you follow these for all our students, staff and community members.

These protocols are: Drop-off & Pick-up and Contact Tracing…

Whānau drop-off and pickup at the gates, scan in, wear a face covering and hand sanitise.

If you do need to make contact with your child’s class teacher, please feel free to contact the office and they will pass the message on OR email the office by admin@spreydon.school.nz.

If you need to enter the school site you MUST sign in at the Office however brief your visit is.

Cultural Day – Tomorrow. Pupils are encouraged to wear clothes that reflect their culture or wear colours that are on their country’s flag.

Thu Oct 28 06:01pm

On Friday 29th October Te Kura o Mokihi – Spreydon School will be celebrating the cultural diversity of our community with Cultural Day. This year Cultural Day will look a little different because of Alert Level 2.  Please find the below outline for the day.

12.00pm – 1.00pm
Kai Time

Students will eat their own lunch brought from home.

(Unfortunately there can be no food sharing this year)
1.00pm – 2.00pm
Students will return to their Hub and complete learning tasks based around the cultures of the children in the hub.
2.00pm – 2.30pm
Hauora Buddy time

(Craft, song or game with a cultural focus) 
2.30pm – 3.00pm
Mihi Whakatau 

(Students only)

Kia ora koutou, Welcome back to Term 4. We are looking forward to seeing everyone this morning at our gates. Don’t forget drink bottles.

Mon Oct 18 07:16am

  As you are all aware we are still in Level 2 which means that there are no changes to the pick up and drop off arrangements that we had last term.

Ministry Guidelines for Delta Alert Level 2 continue to be pick up and drop offs are to be in well ventilated spaces and social distancing for parents. We will continue to bring children to the gates at 3pm. There will be space inside our Mathers Road gate area for parents to wait who are wearing masks. This will allow for social distancing.

For Puhara and Pitau Students – Dont forget your togs and towels.

Kids Artwork PTA Fundraiser Orders due on Fri 1st Oct – 3pm Extra order forms available. Any questions, please email spreydonpta@gmail.com

Wed Sep 29 02:14pm

LAST DAY for School Photo orders tomorrow – Wednesday

Tue Sep 28 01:25pm

REMINDER – School Photos DUE by this Wednesday – 29th September.

Mon Sep 27 10:11am

This Morning from 8.30am Coffee/Drop-in sessions for whānau with Pip (our social worker) and Molly (Mana Ake Kaimahi).

Tue Sep 21 09:04am

Please come to the office. The ladies will meet you there.

Our Newsletter is out. Please log in to read it via Signmee. We also have a Lockdown review survey for whanau to provide feedback.

Fri Sep 17 03:24pm

We have a short survey for families to provide feedback on the distance learning and communication from Te kura o Mōkihi Spreydon School during Lockdown 2021. We appreciate it is fresh in your minds and your feedback would help us understand what worked well for families, what challenges you faced and what ways we can support our school community during an emergency. Please click on the link below.


Pick up times at Delta Alert Level 2 back to 3pm.

Mon Sep 13 12:40pm

It has been great to see so many students walking independently into school and knowing where they are being picked up from at the end of the day.

Now we have transitioned into Alert Level 2 we will move our pick up times to our usual time of 3pm.

Children will make their way as usual to the gates that they  were at last week.

We have made more space for parents wearing masks to wait inside the gate at the Mather’s Road entrance from 2.50pm. This will support social distancing for parents and not requiring signing in other than the QR code at the gate.  

If you come in further than the new playground, you will need to sign in at the Office.

Thank you for your continued support at Alert Level 2.

The Spreydon Team



Welcome back. We look forward to seeing everyone at the gates this morning and afternoon. If you need to contact us please phone 03 3385033.

Thu Sep 09 08:21am

We look forward to Spreydon School reopening tomorrow Thursday the 9th of September. A reminder that we will meet students at the gate.

Wed Sep 08 04:16pm

Students will need to bring their own drink bottle as water fountains are turned off at Level 2.

Masks are not mantatory for children.  If your child wishes to wear a mask please make sure they know how to wear them correctly. 

See you tomorrow.

The Spreydon Team

Kia ora Spreydon Whānau, We are excited to be returning to site on Thursday the 9th September.

Tue Sep 07 05:55pm

Kia ora Spreydon Whānau,

With the announcement of Schools returning to site on Thursday the  9th September is exciting to hear.  Schools are now able to prepare their sites to operate safely at Level 2 and open to all children on Thursday.

We can’t wait to see you all!

Please make sure every child has their drink bottle as our water fountains are not in use when we return to school.


There will be NO supervision available on Wednesday 8th September as our dedicated staff prepare for reopening.

Kidsbase is excited to be returning to support before and after-school care from Thursday 9th September.


Reopening on Thursday 9th September

Our plan is to provide a welcoming atmosphere with smiling happy staff greeting each child as they come through the gate every day at Alert Level 2 from 8.30am. This is to help children get a sense of normality again. 

With the greater restrictions at Alert Level 2 we are unable to welcome parents/adults/ whanau into the school grounds.

As in previous times at Alert Level 2 we have noted the ability of your children to adapt to doing their farewells at the gate and then headed into the Hubs by themselves after putting their bags away and putting on some hand sanitizer. 

It is a big step for some of our little people who haven’t done this before. But rest assured our staff are there to support the transition into school.

 We encourage you as parents to talk with your children about what will be happening when we return and prepare them to kiss and go at the gate. It might be having older siblings walking younger students into school or dropping your child at the gate and letting them know they can wait with the teacher at the gate until a friend arrives to walk in together.

If you need to come into the school, please come via the Office entry on Hoon Hay Road and sign in via our sign in sheet. We encourage mask wearing by parents and visitors.  While scanning QR codes support your personal record we have to have a record of anyone entering our site for contact tracing purposes.

We respectfully ask that no parents enter the school unless it is essential.  We will not be allowing parents to wander around the site or enter Hubs without prior arrangement with your child’s teacher.  We are in the ‘Delta 2 ’ phase. We are not back to normal yet. If you are not sure please email us at admin@spreydon.school.nz or phone us on 03 338 5033.

If for any reason you need to collect your child during the day, please come to the Office via the Hoon Hay Road entrance. We will then get students to come to the Office.

If you are unsure please phone our Office 03 338 5033.


At the end of the day we will be staggering our pick up times.

Pītau and Pūhara will come with their class to both the Hoon Hay Road Entrance and Mather’s Road Entrance at 2.45pm

Harakeke and Raupō will come with their class to both the Hoon Hay Road Entrance and Mather’s Road Entrance at 2.50pm

All Children who are attending Kids Base or walking home will be released at 3pm.

Please talk with your child about which gate you will meet them at.


School owned devices

Any families that have been loaned a school device during lockdown must return these on Thursday 9th September.  Children must bring these straight to the Office in the morning to allow for them to be cleaned and returned to classrooms.

At Delta 2 the message is:

At Alert Level 2 there is low risk of community transmission and schools are open for all students.

There are no significant changes to the Alert Level you will already be familiar with and which have been in place previously at Alert Level 2.

We will continue to practice good hygiene: Wash hands with soap, use hand sanitizer on entry to the Hubs at the beginning of the day, regularly clean surfaces in the Hubs and keep our spaces well ventilated.

*  Cough or sneeze into your elbow.

*  Giving each other a breath zone space.

*   Bring a drink bottle each day as our fountains will be turned off.

Public Health has also provided advice on the Alert level 2 guidance. The key changes are the use of face coverings and managing school events involving large numbers of people, other than our students.

Face coverings

Face coverings are not mandated for use when in schools for staff and students.

It remains an option for individuals and a decision for the individuals and whānau. 

Whatever decisions students and teachers make, it is their own to make and needs to be respected.  Where an individual chooses to use a face covering they should supply and wear their own, and to do so safely. This option applies to younger children too.

Public health advice for those under six is getting children to cough and sneeze into their elbow and wash and dry their hands. The use of masks is permitted but not actively encouraged. 

There will be differences of view about the use of face coverings at school, and it is important to show tolerance toward individual choice in this matter.

Gatherings and Events

Indoor events and gatherings continue to be higher-risk activities for transmission of COVID-19. Any indoor events that bring together very large numbers of people, including students, should be avoided.

We will postpone any assemblies or indoor gatherings that include parents and whanau attending to adhere to the new indoor and outdoor guidelines at Level 2. High-risk activities, such as singing, and dancing will be done in well-ventilated areas or outdoors where possible.   


In the meantime, our teachers and staff are really excited about Level 2. We are really looking forward to seeing everyone again and start reconnecting and strengthening our relationships. 


We all take our hats off to you all. We all know how difficult it is to juggle running a household, looking after your whānau, working from home and then having to supervise/facilitate home learning. Tino pai tou mahi koutou katoa – great work everyone. We look forward to seeing all our students back at school.

Thank you for all you have done and are willing to keep doing to ensure our country is a safe place to be.

Take care

The Spreydon Team.

Spreydon School reopening on Thursday 9th September at Alert Level 2.

Mon Sep 06 07:29pm

Kia ora Spreydon Whanau, We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back to school at Alert Level 2 from Thursday 9th September. More details will be shared tomorrow once we have been sent Ministry of Health Alert Level 2 protocols. Take care.


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